As anesthesiologists we work with your surgeon and our nurses to provide for your comfort and safety both during and after the operation.

After you arrive in our preoperative department, one of our nurses will check you in, confirm your identity and your procedure. Prior to your procedure one of our anesthesiologists will meet you and review your medical history. They will be able to formulate an anesthesia plan for you and discuss the options as well as the risks and benefits. Please discuss concerns about nausea or postoperative pain with the anesthesiologist. During the operation, one of our anesthesiologists will be with you at all times. Our job is to keep you safe and comfortable while you are in the operating room. We use several monitors to accomplish this and ensure the best possible care.
After your surgery we will take you to one of our recovery areas. The nurses there will help us keep you comfortable and continue the monitoring. Your family will be able to join you shortly after recovery.
Please review our
fasting guidelines prior to your surgery.